Clearing & Shipping

Harrisons Malayalam has been involved in clearing and shipping for close to a century. With a 12,000 sq ft of godown space located close to Cochin Port and with six stuffing points, the company is able to carry out operations with great efficiency. We have the infrastructure to carry out in house stuffing of about 300 containers every month - we currently do about 150 containers from Cochin Ports' wharves, Container Freight Station and Asian Terminals on Willingdon Island. We ship through other ports as well such as Mangalore and Tuticorin.
We specialize in:
  • Import of Bulk Cargo, Warehousing/Bonding and a wide range of imports (FCL/LCL)
  • Exports of Coffee, Tea, Carbon Black, Rubber.

The Clearing & Shipping department also carries out the following activities

    1. Bulk tea blending and handling for export from Cochin as well as other ports such as Mangalore and Tuticorin.
    2. Large-scale garbling of coffee - an operation that requires a very large body of skilled labour.
    3. Marking, bulking, re-bagging and standardizing bags of coffee and pepper for shipment
    4. Bulk packaging and handling of liquid cargo like rubber latex.

Over the years we have earned an enviable reputation with regard to all aspects of cargo handling and a good working relationship with the Port authorities and the Customs Department.

The Clearing & Shipping department renders service to many organizations; some of which are listed below:

  • Sentinel Tea and Exports
  • Ramesh Exports P. Ltd
  • Ecom Gill Coffee P. Ltd.
  • Philips Carbon Black Limited
  • Allanasons Ltd

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