The dividend is paid under two modes viz.-

(a) Electronic Transfer – through National Electronic Clearing Service (NECS)
(b) Manuel Dividend Warrants - Payment by mailing dividend warrants.

• What is payment of dividend through NECS Facility and how does it operate?

• How to avail of NECS Facility?

• Can NECS Facility be opted out by investors?

• How to register a request for obtaining payment through NECS for the shares held in dematerialised form?

Non-receipt of Dividend, Revalidation of Dividend Warrant, etc.

• What should a shareholder do in case of non-receipt of dividend?

• What is the procedure for revalidation of dividend warrants?

Dematerialisation of Shares

• What is dematerialisation of shares?

• How to dematerialise shares?

Rematerialisation of Shares

• What is rematerialisation of shares?

• How to rematerialise shares?

Nomination Facility

• What is nomination facility and to whom it is more useful? What is the procedure of appointing a nominee?

• Who can appoint nominee and who can be appointed as a nominee?

Transfer / Transmission of Shares

• Transfer / Transmission of Shares

• Transmission of Shares

Transposition of Names

• Transposition of Names (Change in Order of Names)

Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate

• Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate in case of loss/ misplacement of original share certificate

Consolidation and Splitting of Share Certificates

• Splitting of Share Certificate into Smaller Lots

• Consolidation of Share Certificates


• Change of Address

• Change of Name

• Authority to another person to deal with shares

• Green Initiative

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