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Tea was first planted in South India during the 1800's. Initially tea was planted in areas seen as climatically similar to Assam and the Yunnan - primarily in the highlands. These were over the next fifty years extended to lower elevations and a new agro climatic environment for tea established. Harrisons Malayalam Limited, grows tea both in perhaps the highest elevation in the world as well as in low areas. As such, we are a producer of a wide variety of teas.

Agglomerated over a half century through acquisitions of smaller companies and individual estates, Harrisons Malayalam's history is that of a pioneer explorer extending the boundaries of civilization.

Today the company produces about 20 million kg per annum, making it the largest producer of tea in South India. The company produces about equal quantities of CTC and Orthodox teas and can shift production from one to the other depending on market needs.

The company operates 10 Tea estates with a planted area of about 6000 ha and 12 Tea factories. The grades produced are Whole leaf, Broken, Fannings and Dust. The company also produces a limited quantity of Organic Orthodox/CTC teas from its Touramulla estate.

The local market prizes HML teas and pays about the best prices for our marks. The teas have at various times won many accolades and at the first Golden Leaf India Awards in September 2005 - a Tea Competition organized by the United Planters' Association of South India, the company was awarded for its teas in almost all the categories that the company competed in.

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