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In the early 1900’s rubber was first planted on a commercial scale in India. As a major corporate in agriculture, Harrisons Malayalam took on the yet again pioneering work for yet another crop – having opened new areas for tea in the previous century.

Today the company has a total planted area of about 6000 ha. This is spread over 10 estates.

The Company produces 8.5 million kilograms from its own area and processes another 1.5 million kilograms bought from neighboring holdings.

Rubber though tapped as latex, is processed into various rubber products – a stabilized concentrated form of latex, smoked sheets, crepes and crumb/block rubber in a wide variety of grades.

For details
Please contact

Mr Santosh Kumar
Phone: 0484-2668023
Mobile : 9447775520
[email protected]

Mr Biju Panicker
Phone: 0484-2668023
Mobile : 9447775580
[email protected]

The Rubber Estates

Area (Ha) Factory
Mooply Valley
Mooply 597 Cenex
Palapilly 750 Block Rubber (TSR)
Kundai 1,104 Skim
Kaliyar 593 RSS & PLC
Ranni Valley
Mundakayam 572 Nil
Lahai 1,012 Nil
Kumbazha 1,048 Cenex, Skim & RSS
Koney 1,063 Block Rubber (TSR)
Venture Valley
Nagamallay 961 RSS & PLC
Isfield 1,676 Nil

Details of Estates

ESTATE Manager/Gr. Manager Contact Number Address
Mooply Tony Thomas 9447775539 Mooply EstatePalapilly PostVia Alagappanagar,Thrissur – 680 304.
Palapilly Shijoy Thomas 9446005583 Palapilly Estate, Palapilly Post, Via Alagappanagar, Thrissur – 680 304.
Kundai Benny Mathew 9447775524 Kundai Estate, Palapilly Post, Via Alagappanagar, Thrissur – 680 304.
Kaliyar Nice J.Mattom 9446005409 Kaliyar Estate, Kodikulam Post, Idukki – 685 582
Mundakayam Jayaprakash Narayanan 9496252900 Munkayam Estate, Mundakayam Post, Kottayam – 686 513
Lahai C R Raghu 9447775541 Lahai Estate, Rani -Perinad Post, Pathanamthitta -689 711
Kumbazha Anoop T 9446005592 Kumbazha Estate, Pathanamthitta Post, Pathanamthitta – 689 645
Koney Mathew P M 9446005100 Koney Estate, Kallelithottam Post, Pathanamthitta – 689 691
Nagamallay Bejoy Mathew 9447775517 Nagamallay Estate, Kalthurutty Post, Via Punalur, Kollam – 691 309
Isfield Jacob Tharakan 9446005407 Isfield Estat, Kalthurutty Post, Via Punalur, Kollam – 691 309.
Venture Shanawaz M 9496252600 Venture Estate, Venture Post, Kollam – 691 309
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