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Quality, Volume, Consistency

Tea was first planted in South India during the 1800’s. Initially tea was planted in areas seen as climatically similar to Assam and the Yunnan – primarily in the highlands. These were over the next fifty years extended to lower elevations and a new agro climatic environment for tea established. Harrisons Malayalam Limited, grows tea both in perhaps the highest elevation in the world as well as in low areas. As such, we are a producer of a wide variety of teas.

Agglomerated over a half century through acquisitions of smaller companies and individual estates, Harrisons Malayalam’s history is that of a pioneer explorer extending the boundaries of civilization.

Today the company produces about 20 million kg per annum, making it the largest producer of tea in South India. The company produces about equal quantities of CTC and Orthodox teas and can shift production from one to the other depending on market needs.

The company operates 13 Tea estates with a planted area of about 6000 ha and 11 Tea factories. The grades produced are Whole leaf, Broken, Fannings and Dust. The company also produces a limited quantity of Organic Orthodox/CTC teas from its Touramulla estate.

The local market prizes HML teas and pays about the best prices for our marks. The teas have at various times won many accolades and at the Golden Leaf India Awards ,A Tea Competition organized by the United Planters Association of South India, the company was awarded for its teas in almost all the categories that the company competed factory.

Estates in Map

For details
Please contact

Mr. Cherian M George
Phone : 0484-2668023
Mobile : 9447775507
[email protected]

Mr. Anil George Joseph
Phone: 0484-2668023
Mobile: 9447775527
[email protected]

Factory Production Description of Tea
Lockhart Orthodox 1 million kg
  • Clean & medium toned fragrance of sweet biscuit in a dip of malt
  • Liquor of golden yellow with an orange and a rounded cup.
  • Strong bodied with lively briskness, a touch of fruit and a sterling lingering note of sweetness in the finish.
  • Expect the unexpected. The beauty of the hills beckons you to an inspiring morning of tea.
  • A lot can certainly happen over this cup of Tea!
Panniar Orthodox 1 million kg
Surianalle CTC 3 million kg
Elevation :- 3,500 to 4,000 feet above sea level.
Factory Production Description of Tea
Moongalaar CTC 1.5 million kg
  • Black leaf appearance.
  • Medium fragrance
  • Reddish liquor with dancing hues of yellow. A fairly balanced tea with body & briskness neck to neck.
  • Good for elevenses and as for your evening companion
Pattumalay Orthodox 1 million kg
Wallardie CTC 1.5 million kg
Elevation :- 2,500 to 3,500 feet above sea level.
Factory Production Description of Tea
Achoor CTC 2 Million kg
  • Black leaf appearance.
  • Clean fragrance. Medium toned biscuit notes.
  • Earthy reddish liquor, mild & mellow. Full bodied with light briskness.
  • A born soother with flecks of brisk character .All in a gold miners’ paradise
Chundale CTC 2 Million Kg
Arrapetta Orthodox 2 Million Kg
Sentinel Rock Orthodox 1 Million Kg
Mayfield Orthodox 1 Million Kg
Wentworth Orthodox and CTC 3 million Kg

Details of Tea Estates

Estate Manager/Gr.Manager Contact Nuber Address
Wentworth Rakesh P M 9495940249 Wentworth Estate, Cherambai Post, Nilgiris – 643 205.
Moongalaar Ouseph K D 9446005588 Moongalaar Estate, Vandiperiyar Post, Idukki – 685 533
Wallardie Somaiah 9446334936 Wallardie Estate, Vandiperiyar Post, Idukki – 685 533
Pattumalay Jayaprakash U B 9447775513 Pattumala Estate, Vandiperiyar Post, Idukki – 685 533
Lockhart Jobsy Thomas 9446005410 Lockhart Estate, Devicolam Post, Idukki – 685 613
Panniar J K Jha 9446587700 Panniar Estate, Panniar Estate Post, Via Devicolam, Idukki – 685 613
Mayfield Rajan Babu 9562808816 Nellakottai, Devershola Post, Nilgiris – 643 207
Achoor K C Sunny 9446449300 Achoor Estate, Achooranam Post, Via Pozhuthana, S.Wynad – 673575
Arrapetta Abraham Tharakan K P 9447506287 Arrapetta Estate, Meppadi Post, S.Wynad – 673 577.
Chundale Ajeesh Vishwanathan 9496402700 Chundale Estate, Chundale Post, S.Wynad – 673 123
Touramulla Clyd Ross 9562808817 Touramulla Estate, Thovarimala Post, Chulliyode, Wayanad 673592
Sentinel Rock Ansuman Pattanaik 9446048100 Sentinel Rock Estate, Vellarmalla Post, Via Meppadi, S.Wynad – 673 578
Ur.Surianalle Merlin Geo 9447695095 Ur.Surianalle Estate, Surianalle Post, Idukki – 685 618
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