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Human Resources

Human Resources

HML is one of the most exciting integrated agri-corporates to work with in this part of the world. The HR policies at HML revolve around the basic tenet of creating a highly motivated, vibrant & self-driven team. The Company cares for each & every employee and has in-built systems to recognize and reward them periodically.

Our work philosophy recognizes and encourages performance and we constantly strive to maintain a climate that nurtures ability and provides all round development of our employees – one in which they can grow and flourish.

The consolidated human resource policy focuses on selecting candidates with the right talent, capabilities and aptitudes from all sources – through campus placement programs and off-campus initiatives throughout the year at various locations. We also recruit experienced professionals from the industry at various mid-level and senior positions
We focus on induction, structured on the job training, developing and utilizing the full potential of recruits, clarifying expectations through job descriptions, education and development efforts. The skills and key competencies required for all positions of responsibility have been defined and these form the basis for advancement to higher positions.
Managers and supervisors constantly strive to achieve the highest standards of professional excellence and integrity. They encourage and motivate employees.
Periodic employee satisfaction surveys are carried out on the basis of which, areas of strength are reinforced and those of concern, are addressed.
HML also has the tremendous advantage of support from the RPG Group’s HR department. Catering as it does to the needs of several thousand employees across several diverse industries, the RPG Group HR department encourages learning and development through:

  1. Leadership Development Program designed in association with some of the best
    Management institutes in the world Like IIM (Banglore),IIM (Calicut),IIM (Ahmedabad)
  2. Development Centers that map competencies and identify development needs
  3. Freedom to identify your own training and development needs
  4. Development Action Plans for Managers to bring cutting edge proficiency levels in managerial competencies
  5. Rigorous cross-functional task force assignments to crack business challenges

The company believes in the overall development of the individual. H M L has always attracted young talent and advanced the best performers. The fact that most of the leaders of this industry in this part of the country been groomed and nurtured by the company stands testimony to this.

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